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10 April 2011

Visit to Baku of Nobel Family Delegation 

On the occasion of the visit to Baku of Nobel Family Delegation: Chairman of Nobel Family Society Thomas Tyden, senior members of the Family– Anders Tyden, Peter and Nils Oleinikoff, Founder and President of Nobel International Fraternity Philip Nobel Chairman of BNHF Dr. Togrul Bagirov hosted the Reception at Villa Petrolea on April 10, 2011, at which the honorable guests were awarded with Emanuel Nobel memorial medals* and certificates.

 *This limited-production memorial medal was issued in May 2009 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the greatest entrepreneur and researcher Emanuel Nobel. Emanuel Nobel was the eldest nephew of renowned and most famous among Nobel brothers – Alfred Nobel. When he was 29 years old, after the death of his father Ludvig, who had established the Baku Nobel Brothers Oil Company (BraNobel), he took reign of the company, and for thirty years, until the Bolshevik takeover and expropriation in 1920, managed it. Under his leadership BraNobel, at the beginning of the XX century became the second largest and the only one vertically integrated oil company in the world. He continued to develop the socially-oriented model of the business of his father and was a recognized philanthropist and donor to the sciences, arts and education. To acknowledge his achievements, in 1904, another powerful European family, Rothschild’s, who were also active in Baku oil, initiated the establishment of a special international oil award under the name of Emanuel Nobel in Baku, which in years preceding 1920 was given four times to local and international oilmen, specialists in upstream, downstream and petrochemical industries. The medal is a property of the Baku Nobel Heritage Fund.




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