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22-23 October, 2012


Nobel brothers first International Research and Innovations Conference was held in Baku on October 22-23, 2012 with assistance and special contribution of the Nobel Family Society, the Baku Nobel Heritage Fund, the Stockholm Centre for Business History, the Nobel International Fraternity Fund, the National History Archive of Azerbaijan, the National Archive of Georgia and the Nobel Brothers Batumi Technology Museum.

The conference was aimed to stimulate a further study of unknown pages of Azerbaijan oil history, the development of Nobel Brothers Oil Company and the implications of innovation systems introduced by Nobels to the world economy.

The Baku Nobel Heritage Fund hosted a gala Nobel reception on the occasion of this conference, at the Villa Petrolea.

“The impression from the conference is that we are on the right path; we should not only learn the history, but also propagate the rich historical heritage of our ancestors and use their rich experience in our practice. There are Nobel Brothers museum in a number of countries. They work together in Azerbaijan, Russia, Sweden and Kazakhstan to develop mutual relations and learn the history”, said the Chairman of the Nobel Family Society Thomas Tydén in summing up the conference.




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