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September 13-14, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

On September 13-14 the second Branobel conference was held in Stockholm. BNHF, Nobel Family Society, Nobel Sustainability Trust, Socar and Nobeloil were among organizers and sponsors of this unique international gathering which brought together many world dignitaries like former Presidents of Finland Madame Halonnen, Latvia- Mr. Valdis Zatlers, Prime Minister of Korea- Mr. Han Seung-Soo, Nobel prize laureats, Ambassadors of Sweden, Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, the high level delegation from Kazakhstan, prominent scientists, scholars, top managers of major oil companies and media. Nobel brothers oil company at the beginning of the last century was second largest and only one vertically integrated oil company in the world, successfully competing with such a giants as Standart Oil of Rockefeller and Royal Dutch Shell of Rothschild families. In recognition of this fact and the outstanding contribution of Emanuel Nobel, the oil king and richest man of Europe at that time, to the world oil industry, a special oil prize was initiated after his name in 1904 by Rothschild’s family. This prize had been given 4 times to international specialists, scholars and oil leaders and then frozen after Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and nationalization of Branobel. At the conference Branobel history of innovations and technological progress were presented. More than 1000 archival documents from Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia were demonstrated for the first time. In the end of the two days scientific and research conference it was decided to update, attualizzare goals and objectives of the conference, to make it more business like in order to attract more industry and media interest. The Branobel exclusive heritage and social business oriented model are very much in need nowadays. The new Advisory Board was elected. Mr. Peter Nobel became a new Chairman of the AB, Mr. Gustaf Nobel - his deputy. An ad- hock working group was established to prepare a new road map (Plan of action) of the Branobel conference for another 2-3 years. As agreed, the next conference will be held in Astana in the framework of 7th World Economic Forum.








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